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" The great thing I’ve found about working with Pixel is that they are always so responsive to our needs. From design to development and even just changing elements on the website for testing, every request is met with professionalism and a commitment to exceeding our expectations. As the marketing lead for a training company, I have seen first-hand how their efforts have contributed positively to the wider organisational picture and I couldn’t recommend a better company to work with. "
Hemma Sornum
CPD Digital Learning


Due to an overwhelming demand for online courses, CPD Digital Learning was setup to help distribute courses throughout various industries.

With experience working with start up businesses and established training course providers, Pixel were selected by CPD as their digital provider for the design and development of their website and bespoke management system.

Our Approach

Being a startup in what is already a fast paced, expansive market, research was key in our approach to ensure CPD Digital Learning found it’s identity. Our team looked extensively into the market and created a process plan based around creating a simple user experience for potential users browsing the website.

The main project objectives were;

  • To design and develop a modern website
  • To create a simple and intuitive user experience to ensure courses were easily located through the search facility
  • Create a simple booking process
  • Create a seamless integration with CPD third party suppliers
  • Develop a bespoke management for CPD Digital Learning to manage courses and bookings

Design Process

Our designers worked on several brainstorming sessions to come up with a variety of structural concepts to present to the client. This part of the design process is to ensure the positional elements of the website are visible and in the correct place.

Following the sign off of the structural wireframes, these concepts were moved into the visual design stage, where branding was applied and the first version of CPD Digital Learning was presented to the client.


Following full design sign off, both our development teams began to develop all aspects of the website and booking system, including all front end elements, a custom back end database, API platform and third party integrations with CPD Digital Learning provider systems.

Key Features

  • Website design
  • Online payment and orders
  • Custom search algorithms
  • Bespoke management system


CPD Digital Learning are now taking advantage of their first website, selling their digital content online throughout multiple markets globally.

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