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Pixel have worked with Viva Holidays since 2013 and have developed various websites for the company throughout this time period. Viva approached Pixel regarding the redesign and development of their flagship website, where they were looking to modernise the brand and also introduce online booking and management facilities for their customers.

We began to discuss and propose various solutions to help drive the online presence forward through a new website. As we had developed their previous website, which served the company well for 5 years, we had a solid general understanding of the brand and the companies ambitions moving forwards.

Our Approach

Our approach for this project was to utilise the data we already had from the existing website, combined with some extensive market research which would formulate our plans for the new website and booking system.

The main project objectives were;

  • To design and develop a modern website
  • To design and develop a booking and booking management facility for Viva customers
  • To create an interactive itinerary builder using maps and location services
  • To create an effective holiday search tool
  • To develop a management system fro Viva to manage their deals, booking and customers securely

Design Process

The team utilised the data we had available to study what was and wasn't working on the existing website, to ensure best practices were carried into the new project. A signifiant portion of time was spent looking into the market and competition to create a solid plan for the base of the design of this project.

A user journey was created to outlined and identify the best possible flow for the websites structure.

Each element of the website was structurally designed and wireframes were provided to the client for sign off.


A custom database and API was developed by our back end team. Our front end developers worked on creating the visual aspects fo the website alongside the interactive aspects such a such as the search and itinerary builder.

Both teams worked closely throughout the process, both in isolated developments, collaborative developments, integrations and testing.

Key Features

  • Website design
  • Online payment and bookings
  • Interactive map search
  • Interactive itinerary builder


The new Viva Holidays website is now live and driving the expansion of their online travel business.

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