Parfetts and Gold Online Ordering Platform

The redesign and development of the Parfetts and Gold online ordering platforms, processing in excess of £125 million in annual online sales.

UX Design
Bespoke Website Design
Responsive Web Design


Parfetts approached Pixel regarding their online ordering platform, which required a full redesign and development due to an outdated user experience and a host of performance /technical issues.

The aim of the project was split across two main focus points.

The first aim being to design a simple, yet effective user experience to Parfetts retailers, creating a personalised shopping process to ensure orders can be processed as efficiently as possible. With many retailer processing many large orders per week to stock their convenience stores, a significant focus was put onto creating a simple, yet effective shopping experience.

Secondly, but by no means less important, a lot of effort was put into performance and efficiencies behind the scenes, developing a scalable and powerful platform for the company to use to grow in the online e-Commerce space. The old platform suffered from various performance and technical issues which Pixel looked to rectify as part of this process.

Our Approach

Our initial approach was to analyse the existing platform to identify what was going wrong and why. Following this analysis, we were able to roadmap a solution for Parfetts which would shape the new platform.

The main objectives throughout the project were;

  • Design an effective, personalised user experience for Parfetts customers
  • Eradicate the issue presented by the legacy system
  • Develop a scalable, centralised API platform to power the order systems and many other company software
  • Provide new features to Parfetts customers

Our design team began to work on the new brand and style for the platform, whilst our developers formulated a plan for the API engine which would power these systems and future platforms.

Design Process

Our designers looked to create a brand new structure for the platform, providing a refreshing experience throughout ensuring that the key aspects of the system were put in front of customers in the correct way, aimed to drive and maximise sales.


Moving into the development phase, our development teams began to develop both the front end web systems, the API platform and a brand new custom management system for Parfetts, which was developed in our in house platform, Nucleus.

Key Features

  • Bespoke Design
  • Bespoke e-Commerce platform and stock management
  • Custom Built CMS


The Parfetts and Gold web ordering platform are now live and are providing a healthy increase in online revenue month on month. The systems are regularly updated with new features and the API platform is already powering multiple other projects which we have been fortunate enough to work with Parfetts on. These include native applications, CRM’s and internal data systems.

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